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Finca La Mariposa

About Finca La Mariposa

We arrived in Andalucia in April 2004, not knowing where exactly we wanted to be only that we wanted to be a short drive inland from the coast, and in the real Spain.

We travelled extensively from Almeria in the East, back to Granada and out to Seville in the West.

Having passed through Valle de Abdalajis a couple of times we soon realised that this was the piece of real Spain we were looking for.

Actually after despairing that we would not find what we were looking for and were off to a Restaurant the night before returning home, we saw in an Agents window display plots with planning in Valle de Abdalajis.

A quick call, and the next morning, after packing, we stopped in the Village and met Ken Davies of A 4 Estates on our way to the airport and he gladly took us off and showed us several plots. One of which was destined to become Finca La Mariposa, our home. We recognised immediately that with the stunning views down the valley to the village it would be the perfect setting for not only our own home, but for others to share.

We soon set about designing and eventually building our 'little bit of Spain'!

At this point it is only fair to point out that we had a very good inmobilaria in Ken Davis of 1casa and an English Speaking, Spanish Solicitor (a must!) as well as one of the best local Spanish builders in Pepe Campos.

Once we had agreed our design and obtained quotes, we started building in September 2004.

We visited about once a month when the build really got going and would advise anyone to do the same, even if using a local project manager (please see Steve if this service is required).

We initially had problems with the slight slope the plot is on, but once these were solved we were able to plan positioning of the pool and terracing.

For a while we pondered over the name of our Finca. When first seen it was only a field of wheat with 4 almond trees on. Therefore, possibly Almendros, but as they are so common in Spain, we decided against this.

We settled on La Mariposa because it was always our intention of making it a pleasant place to visit, this involves on going planting to encourage, not only guests, but also a wide variety of wildlife.

The name Mariposa translates in English to 'Butterfly', one of the many types of wildlife we hope to encourage to stay.